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Details about finals cause student stress

November 26, 2010

Staff Opinion

With the semester’s end, students are working diligently to finish last-minute papers and projects. Along with the end of the semester comes the dreaded finals week. Outside of the seasonal stress associated with finals, there are other sources of anxiety that accompany this week as well, including stress about the amount of finals a student has to take in a day and confusion about when and where finals are scheduled.

Before finals week, reading days are scheduled as opportunities for students to have a break from their classes to begin studying for their finals. After reading day, the omninous finals week commences. While reading days are perfect opportunities for students to focus on preparing for their finals, students can still feel overwhelmed by the amount of finals they have to take in one day. The way the finals system is currently set up, students could potentially have three finals back-to-back on one day. Though this would shorten the student’s stress for the remainder of the week, having multiple finals consecutively is nothing short of brutal. Even if students had all the time in the world to prepare for finals week the preparation time does not overshadow the exhaustion and anxiety that accompanies taking multiple finals in one day. How well could a student taking multiple finals actually perform? Though the student could be intellectually prepared for the finals, the fatigue from the previous night’s studying and from the day’s exams will inevitably affect their performance.

After students determine how many finals they will take throughout the week, students must determine when and where final exams will be held. Even though a schedule is posted online telling each student when each final will take place, students can still become confused about their proper exam time. In previous years there has not been nearly enough advertisement about exam times. Along with this, some classes hold their final exams at a different time than the time scheduled on the exam schedule. To better understand their exam schedule, some students look to the course syllabus, which is sometimes a source of clarification-though this is not always the case as course syllabi are revised throughout the semester.

But, in the same way that it has not been advertised in the past, students should also be proactive in making sure they are aware of the correct times and locations of their exams, since there would be nothing worse than failing a class due to a lack of communication.

Similarly, students should also plan enough time to study. By planning, students can make sure that they are prepared.This way, additional confusion and anxiety can be avoided completely. Finals week is stressful enough without the added stresses of these details.

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