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So… you’re single and ready to mingle

November 16, 2010

By Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Regardless of whether someone has been in the dating scene for some time, or has just re-entered the dating scene, it is fair to stay that most people who are dating do not have the slightest idea what the phrase “first date etiquette” means.

Dating is not just about two people meeting and going out anymore, it has become a ritual that consists of various procedures and rules. Some are common sense, while others require more thought.

One rule that is common sense is chivalry. Ladies like for the man that they are dating to act like a gentleman.

Therefore, it is never too much to open doors, pull out chairs and most of all, act polite.

“A man should treat a woman with a lot of respect and vise versa,” said, Anahi Valdez, a junior business and public policy major. “It’s always nice to go out with a guy who knows how to be a gentleman.”

Another rule that has been hotly debated is determining who should pay for the meal.

It is never ever wise to ask a woman to pay for her half of the meal. It is, however, acceptable to go on a fun first date, that way both people will feel more relaxed and less awkward.

Perhaps there are more rules for men to follow, but there are some rules that both men and women should abide by if they want a chance at a second date.

It is a simple matter of prudence and respect to keep one’s gaze at the person you are out on a date with. It does not matter how short the waitress’ skirt is or how handsome the waiter might be, a wandering eye is never an attractive trait to have.

Among other “no- no’s,” just because technology has taken over all aspects of one’s daily lives, does not mean that one should let it disturb dates as well. It is advisable to keep cell phones on silent and to only make calls when necessary.

“I think the worst date I ever had was with this girl that texted throughout the whole date. It was a quite annoying,” said David Agori-Iwe, a junior and biology major.

Other less pardonable fouls include: getting drunk on the first date, talking about past relationships or comparing one’s date to an ex.

Once one jumps through the first date hurdle, he or she must figure out whether or not expect a follow-up date. It is usually the guy who is expected to call the woman after the first date; although, sometimes this might not be the case. If a guy does not call within three days after the first date, then the woman may call him if she chooses and is still interested. If he does not respond or return the call within one day, then more than likely he is not interested in pursuing a second date, and so the ritual begins again.


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