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Bonita la mas Bonita

November 15, 2010

By Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

“Hi, would you like an Airhead or Smarties?”

During her years as a member of the housekeeping staff, Bonita Suggs has become a source of encouragement and friendship for many campus residents. Photo by Ashton Jones

This is the first question Bonita asks when she sees students walking by. She has a heart of gold and a young spirit that will brighten anybody’s day.

Bonita Marie Stanley Suggs is in charge of the housekeeping at the Appleby complex, which includes Appleby East, Appleby Center and Appleby West.

Suggs was born in Augusta and raised in Aiken, S.C. She has been happily married for almost 32 years and has identical twin sons. Currently, she is a proud grandmother of three grandchildren; although, this number will be increasing soon as she awaits the arrival of her fourth grandchild.

Suggs has also reached beyond her biological family by getting to know Young Harris College students. To students, Suggs is much more than just “the cleaning lady.”  She has become a very much appreciated member of the housekeeping staff and a wonderful friend.

“She is one of the sweetest women in the world. I’ve known her since my freshman year of college,” said Jalessa Morris, a senior English major from Canton. “Four years later, she is still the same sweetie pie with Smarties.”

Amber Nicole Spence, a junior history major and current resident of Appleby Center said, “She is always so nice and cheerful. If you’re having a bad day, Bonita can always make it better.”

The only thing she loves more than the campus, is attending after-school events.

“I love the atmosphere,” said Suggs. “It’s beautiful, and I have met some of the most wonderful young people while I’ve been working here. I love attending all the sports games, and I am particularly excited about basketball season coming up.”

She also enjoys watching scary movies and listening to all types of music.

She is particularly a big fan of The Visualizers, which is a local band on the YHC campus.

Suggs lives by this life motto, “The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway,” said Suggs cheerfully.

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