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Making a splash! With the fall season, rain boots are back

November 11, 2010

By Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

A YHC golf umbrella keeps a set of rain boots dry. Photo by Ashton Jones

According to the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office, since January, Georgia has had approximately 38 inches of rainfall. This number is greater than several of the recorded rainfall totals from the past 10 years. The rainfall for this year is already high in comparison to previous years, but this year’s total has yet to include the last three months of this year.

What do these numbers mean for Young Harris College students? These numbers translate into many more rainy days that YHC students and faculty have to look forward to. To combat the rain, YHC students walk across campus with umbrellas to protect their heads and rain boots to protect their feet from the huge puddles beneath them.

Rain boots, otherwise known as galoshes, have become a popular trend on Young Harris College campus. Typically, women wear them over their jeans to keep their feet from getting wet.

“Mine are red with blue anchors, which I find fun and fashionable,” said Ashley Ware, a musical theatre major from Dacula. “I almost enjoy when it rains so I can bust out the rain boots. They go with most anything.”

Rain boots come in all kinds of fun colors and designs for girls. They are available in solid colors, with polka dots, stripes, animal prints or even some with pictures of the Statue of Liberty on them. Women can go pick out whichever pair that matches their personality the best.

A collection of galoshes protect the feet of these YHC students from the elements. Photo by Ashton Jones

“It took me months to find the perfect pair of rain boots, but finally I found my zebra-stripped ones at Target,” said Lauren Chamblin, a musical theatre major from Tampa. “I even wear them when it’s not raining.”

Rain boots are a fun and fashionable for women to wear, but what about the guys around campus?

I wish that I had a pair of rain boots to wear, it would protect my feet from the puddles,” said Marvin Hemphill, a sophomore theatre major from Dacula. “Right now, my feet get wet through my tennis shoes, which never feels good.”

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