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Police increase YHC patrols

November 8, 2010

By Erin Grable, Staff Writer

Many returning students have noticed an apparent increase in police officers on campus at Young Harris College. Students feel like the police on campus and in the surrounding counties are cracking down, resulting in more YHC students that are getting in trouble this year as compared to last year.

“This year there is definitely more security on campus than there was last year. The police seem to be everywhere,” said Bo Edgemon a sophomore media communication major from Kennesaw. “The school seems to be stricter. They look for parties a lot more this year.”

However, the Chief of the Police Department on campus at YHC, Chief Ken Henderson, assures us that it is nothing of that sort. According to Henderson, the fact that police are more visible on campus has nothing to do with campus police having stricter standards of enforcement.

“Winship always feels so safe with the cops watching our every single move,” said anonymous members of the Winship residence hall.

According to Henderson, there have maybe been four or five cases of possession of alcohol by a minor on campus, or MIPs. He also stated that these MIP citations have been given, but the number is a very small amount.

The campus police are putting more time and energy in the area of issuing parking tickets. As far as crime, there is not really an issue according to Henderson.

“As painful as it is to give tickets, it is hard not to because of the parking issue,” said Henderson. “We have adequate parking, but it is hard to get the students to park where they are supposed to park. It may be inconvenient parking,

but students can always call for a ride from the cadets.”

The police department on campus has replaced a couple of officers who were here last year. These police officers decided to leave for other job opportunities; therefore, more officers had to be added to replace the existing officers’ positions. The campus police also needed to hire more part-time officers, because so many events have been added to campus, which called for additional coverage.

“The visibility of cops on campus is more noticeable this year because of the increase in events on campus, like more sports events” said Henderson. “Coverage is better this year.”

Police Chief Henderson also explained that the 24-hour presence of YHC police has also contributed to the perceived increase in visibility.

To help with the coverage YHC has begun a student cadet program through the campus police department. The program is designed to help the police department assist students on campus. The student police cadets are there to help the police department by patrolling the campus alongside an officer, assisting students to their destinations who come in during the late hours and by driving students to class on the police department’s golf cart.

Some of the students that choose to be a part of the cadet program may have an interest in law enforcement or the study of law, though this is not always the case.

According to Police Chief Henderson, the cadet program is a great opportunity for the students involved to see what law enforcement is really about.

“Our goal is to serve the students, college and the community, said Henderson. “We hope the students see that we are here to help them. We do not want to be seen as the enemy.”

When asked about how increased police coverage on campus has affected student life, the Office of Student Development did not return comments.


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  1. anon ymous
    January 6, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    they didnt comment because they know that they can just sit back and increase police ptrols to the point of being a police state. according to a reliable source they are considering acquiring a K-9 unit for campus as well as at least one automatic weapon. riot control maybe?? same source says the vp of sd is siphoning off a little bit of fundage and hides the paper trail thru her close relationship with the POs. hmmmm.. we’ll see what happens this semester.

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