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Cinematheque enters the land of zombies

November 5, 2010

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

This past week Cinematheque showcased two films in the spirit of Halloween. They showed Zombieland on Tues. Oct. 26 and Session 9 on Wed. Oct. 27.

Before the showing Zombieland, Mike Elrod, a library assistant and Cinematheque coordinator, led a discussion with students about the significance of zombies in media and what they can represent.

The students in attendance were more eager to participate in the discussion than ever before. Students also seemed to enjoy the film, with several audience members exploding with laughter from the film.

Even though the crowd was small still, Elrod remained positive.

“I think the [small crowd] adds to the atmosphere,” said Elrod. “I’d say [even though the crowd was small, the event] went well.”

This seems to hold true, considering the small group that regularly attends is consistently very interested in the event and enjoys talking about different aspects of film.

On Wed Oct. 27, Session 9 was presented. The majority of students was unfamiliar with the film, making students anxious to press play.

After the scary movie, all the students were sufficiently freaked out. They discussed a variety of theories about the suspenseful ending to the film.

As Cinematheque continues to show movies throughout the remainder of the semester, the students attending the movie showings feel like they have learned to appreciate the value of films.

“I think it takes pop culture films and shows that they have educational value,” says Josh Dyer, a senior business and public policy major from Blairsville.

“It really lets you look into the human psyche,” said Dyer.

Students seemed to enjoy this week’s double feature and encouraged the Elrod to do it more next semester. The next Cinematheque meeting will be the last of the Fall semester. There, they plan to screen a documentary on Ireland.

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