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Knepp gives guitar performance to YHC community

November 4, 2010

By Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

Richard Knepp's performance last Tuesday is a preview of the pieces that he will play for his studio class. Photo by Skye Butler

Last Tues. on Oct. 26, Richard Knepp, instructor of music at Young Harris College, gave a recital in the Susan B. Harris Chapel for the YHC community.

Students, faculty, staff and members from the community were in attendance for the recital. Most of the students that were present were from the music department; however, other majors attended the performance also. The same was true for the faculty and staff present.

The recital consisted of 6 pieces from Knepps’ repertoire. The pieces were, Suite del Recuerdo by Jose Luis Merlin, Grand Overture, Op. 61I by Mauro Giuliani, Violin Sonata in G Minor, BWV 1001 by Bach/Barrueco, Sonata No. 3 by Manuel Ponce, Aquarelle by Sergio Assad and Wild Mountain Thyme which is a traditional Scottish song/tennant.

“He played very well; however most of his pieces were boring. I did like the last song, Mountain Thyme, though,” said Bennett Yarborough, who is an engineering freshman from Atlanta.

Currently, Knepp is working on getting his doctorate of music from the University of Georgia. This performance was a preview of the pieces he will be playing for his studio class as part of the doctoral program at UGA later on this year.

“I was told to pick pieces from certain composers that each represent specific time periods,” said Knepp.

The six pieces that he picked were chosen because they were pieces that he had always heard and were interested in. The pieces we heard are not the only pieces he will be performing for the program. Knepp chose to condense the program because some of the pieces were “too boring” according to Knepp.

Knepp’s recital lasted about 45 minutes, and the majority of the students and faculty in attendance seemed to enjoy the overall performance.

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