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YHC Democrats and Republicans agree, go vote

November 1, 2010

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief

With the election day drawing near, the most important way a student can voice their opinion is through casting their ballot; but, just in case students don’t get the chance to vote, there are other ways that students can express his or her political views.

On campus, there are two organizations that represent the two major political parties. Both the Young Democrats of Young Harris College and the College Republicans of Young Harris are dedicated to discussing the platforms of these parties, providing a space were each student can express his or her political beliefs and supporting the politicians that belong to each respective political party.

Both organizations offer students and faculty the opportunity to express their political views, but each group also encourages students to vote.

The upcoming election will decide congress members, the governor of Georgia, judges and other elected positions.

Rachel Mason, the vice president of the Young Democrats, said, “This election will determine basically everyone, but the president.”

Even though Mason is a member of the Young Democrats she believes that everyone should exercise their right to vote, regardless of their party preference.

“Personally, it’s not even about being a Democrat or Republican. We’re all Americans. We have the power to change America’s government,” Mason said. “As long as we get out and vote we can make a difference. ‘Yes, we can.'”

Senior business and public policy major Katie Norris also recognized the importance of voting.

As chairman for the College Republicans, Norris said, “I encourage everyone to vote. Voting is our constitutional right. Government and policy have a significant impact on our daily lives as citizens. Elections decide who will get into office and represent our interests. Every vote counts.”

Even though Democrats and Republicans are notorious for butting heads, both groups agree on the importance of voting. For more information about each party’s platform or how to get involved in these organizations contact a member of the Young Democrats or the College Republicans.

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