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Basketball dunks in Valley of Doom

November 1, 2010

Far left, Jamil Saaka jumps over one of the basketball team's managers. Top right, Frank Adams shows off his dunking skills for the crowd. Bottom right, Athletics Director Randy Dunn encourages students to get excited for the upcoming season. Photos by Jacob Stone

By Brand Driver, Staff Writer

On Thurs., YHC had their first ever Midnight Madness event to kick off the first basketball season in forty years. This event was well attended with two full student sections which were crazy and excited about the upcoming basketball season, which kicks off Nov. 15.

The event started off with an introduction of the cheerleading squad. Cheer team captain Emmy Caton led the fans in cheers and chants to get the crowd fired up.

President Cathy Cox took the floor to announce the revealing of the name of the new gym.  The banner was dropped and the new name was shown, the Valley of Doom. The crowd then went wild in approval of the new name.

YHC sophomore Jordan Johnson was very excited about the event and commented, “The countdown to Midnight Madness was a great way to start off my birthday!”

The Lady Mountain Lions were up next on the schedule for the night and the team was introduced by head coach Brenda Paul. These girls came out with pride for their team and showed their skill by doing a few drills with trick passes and a variety of lay-ups.

The Men’s basketball team was last, but certainly not least, on the itinerary for the night. When the team was announced, there was a lot of love and excitement in the air after the name of every player.

The team started out with a quick passing drill and then jumped into layup lines. After a few minutes of warming up, the players decided to have a dunk contest. The contest consisted of Philip Uys, Bryson Robertson and Jamil Saaka. With one dunk allowed per participant, each player made sure to show their skills for the crowd. The vote for the best dunk was made obvious by a roar of applause from the crowd when Saaka jumped completely over one of the team’s managers to slam dunk the ball in the net.

This spectacle left students and fans anxious for the Nov. 15 return of YHC basketball.

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