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SGA discusses clocks, blackout

October 30, 2010

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

At 5: 30 p.m. on Wed. Oct. 27, SGA had their weekly meeting. The agenda for this week’s meeting included an update for the campus-wide blackout, a set time for all clocks on campus, student checks and the status on the hammocks that SGA ordered earlier in the semester.

As discussed at last week’s meeting, the campus-wide blackout will be held on Fri. Nov. 19 from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. the following day. The campus-wide blackout is scheduled as a part of Sustainability Awareness Day. This day focuses on raising awareness on the benefits of green energy and how people can reduce the amount of energy they consume.

As a part of Sustainability Awareness Day, SGA and the sustainability committee at Young Harris College have organized the campus-wide blackout. To encourage students to participate in the event, sustainability members will be coming door-to-door to hand out prizes to students taking part in the event. Some of the prizes include t-shirts, reusable coffee mugs and pens.

In addition to solidifying the plans for the campus-wide blackout, SGA also discussed the possibility to have all the clocks on campus set to the same time. This topic was brought up due to the reoccurring confusion surrounding each clock’s time. This inconsistency has caused confusion for students and professors about class times.

Adding to campus confusion is the fact that there are no clocks in the cafeteria. SGA argued that having clocks in the cafeteria would be helpful to have during times when students and faculty are eating in the cafeteria and have a class to go to soon after they finish their meal. Though the topic was discussed, no final decisions have been made about the issue; however, SGA is putting research together. So far, SGA is thinking about hanging up analog clocks in the cafeteria.

Among other topics, SGA mentioned that students will be able to bring their checks to the Student Development Office next semester. From there, students could have their checks deposited directly into their bank account and available for use on their debit card. More information about student check options will be coming soon.

Earlier in the semester, SGA decided to purchase hammocks for student use. Though the hammocks have been ordered, they are currently not on campus as the company is out of the color requested.

SGA meets weekly in the dining hall at 5:30 p.m. All students are welcome to attend.

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