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Cinematheque draws crowd

October 27, 2010

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

Pulp Fiction was shown at Cinematheque this past Wednesday and was led by Dr. Sean McGreevey. Photo by Jacob Stone

This past Wednesday, the Cinematheque film series featured a screening and discussion of Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction. Perhaps due to the popularity of this film among college students, this installment of the ongoing film series enticed many more students than the last meeting.

Following the film screening, Director of Residence Life Dr. Sean McGreevey–a long-time fan of the film eagerly—discussed the movie with other students after the movie’s showing.

The students and the leaders of the event discussed a number of things such as character development in the story, underlying themes in the movie and more.

One of the biggest questions asked is the notorious one of what is in the briefcase. The students gladly gave their input on the question. Students volunteered their opinions for the critical questions the event leaders asked.

McGreevey, a fan of the movie, felt that the “film is such an accessible way for students to have intellectual discussions, especially thought-provoking ones.”

“It allows students to think critically,” McGreevey added, “and [I definitely want to see] the event prosper and grow.”

The event is set up to indeed get students to think critically, and it helps to bridge and demonstrate problems students have in real life with those in film. Most importantly, the event is intended to be fun. It is a light, entertaining atmosphere where students can come in and enjoy a good movie and discussion.

While the attendance numbers– around a dozen students attended the screening– might seem small to some, they represent a large increase over past discussions. Nonetheless, the attendance numbers are not a concern of the event coordinator, Mike Elrod, research librarian at Young Harris College.

“I just think the event is still finding its groundings,” Elrod said. “I’m not real concerned about the numbers though. We hope that the event [is a good thing for the students]. I enjoy doing it.”

At the end of this month, Cinematheque will feature horror movies in honor of Halloween. One of the movies, Session 9, was described by Elrod as “absolutely terrifying.”

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