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UPIU brings YHC students opportunities

October 24, 2010

By Ali Neese, Staff Writer

For many journalism students, hearing the term “UPIU” is becoming rather common. However, if mentioned to anyone else on campus, the general response is confusion and curiosity.
So what is UPIU exactly? According to the official website of UPIU, UPIU is “UPI’s social networking site and mentoring site for journalism students worldwide.”

UPIU is a place where students, such as the Enotah Echoes newspaper staff, can submit their stories and receive feedback from mentors. Along with this feedback, there is also the possibility that their story could be posted to the actual website and read all over the world.
This year, as part of the class, the newspaper staff has joined this social networking site and are required to submit five stories every semester.

One such student is the production manager of the Enotah Echoes, junior media communication major Amy Dalton from Augusta. Dalton’s story on texting and driving received a lot of attention on UPIU. Dalton says that she wrote about “the other side that people don’t really think about” when it comes to texting and driving.

For Dalton, the “other side” means questioning if texting and driving is really a dangerous habit and if it is really possible to track? Her story was the number one story for almost three months on the UPIU website.

However, simply submitting the story was not all that Dalton had to do in order to be published online. First, she submitted her article to the site and then her mentor looked over it. Dalton said that each student has “one legitimate journalist who reads your stories. He or she critiques you and they give you ideas about how you can take it further or what kind of information you can use. I think my story was checked six or seven times by different people.”

It was only after all of these critiques that Dalton’s article was ready to be published to UPIU.com, where it did extremely well.

Students have the choice to submit a story that they have already written or to receive a story assignment from a list of needed stories from UPIU. Submitteed atticles are categoized into sections.

While this site is typically used by journalism students, anyone can submit potential stories to UPIU.

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