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SGA shown plans for new campus center

October 17, 2010

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

On October 13, SGA’s weekly meeting was moved to Wilson Lecture Hall, which is located on the top floor in the Goolsby building.

There, Young Harris College President Cathy Cox gave a special presentation on the campus center project.  Young Harris College is planning to give students a brand new student center or campus center with a library and many other things all within this one new building.

As of right now, they are just approaching the completion of the construction plans and design phase. After the finances, construction plans and everything else is finalized, it will take a little over a year for the campus center to be built.

The new campus center will have enough space for everyone on campus to enjoy the space without feeling overcrowded.

Early plans for the campus center show that there will be something for everyone. On the lowest level there will be a game room, café and television lounge. Plans for the building indicate that the advising center, academic success center, QEP center and the writing center will all be moved to the second floor of the new campus center.  And, on the third floor there will be a room for banquets, the spring formal, special events and student clubs. Like the other buildings on campus, this building will be key card accessed.

Along with many expanded features, the student center will be getting a new name as well.

“We’re calling it the campus center because we believe this is where the center of student socialization on campus will be,” explained Cox.

YHC estimates that the total cost for the project will be $46.5 million. A gift of $20 million dollars has been asked for.  If the amount of $20 million received, it will hopefully bring other gifts of various dollar amounts to help with the remainder of the cost for this construction project.

Among other news, Tell-Me-Tuesday was a success this week and it will be happening again next week on Tuesday, October 19, so come prepared for questions and be sure to look for the cart.

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