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Black September is a head bangin’ good time

October 12, 2010

Before recording their first album in 2008, Black September spent time touring up and down the east coast.

Holly Meyer, Staff Writer

This week I decided to listen to a genre of music that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Sitting somewhere between black metal and death metal, in the touring underground circuit, there is Black September.

Black September was formed in 2006, in Chicago, IL. In 2007, Black September recorded its first two-song demo tape. Then, later that year they recorded a five song EP; And from there, the band went up and down the east coast touring and playing back-to-back shows. The band then returned to Chicago, to write a split with underground touring metal band Thou.

Between 2008 and 2010 Black September released three albums: The Sermon of Vengeance, The Hordes of Flesh and Bone collaboration with Winters In Osaka, and The Forbidden Gates Beyond, which is their most recent album, released this year. The Forbidden Gates Beyond album was released in LP by Shaman Records and European Iconoclast Records.

Lead singer Jennifer Pickett McMorrow has a bone-crushing voice in the studio and has the control and balance to perform with the same talented intensity live. Most mainstream metal singers sound great in an air conditioned studio, after their voice has been doctored by some of the best editors and producers in the business. But, on stage in a live performance it’s just not the same. This trend is beginning to become a disappointment. Yet, Black September didn’t let me down.

Listening to The Forbidden Gates Beyond, I found it difficult to keep myself from getting excited with the rhythm. Some songs on the album begin with a slow melodic guitar intros performed by lead guitarist Chris McMorrow and rhythm guitarist James Meyer. They keep the beginning of the song soft and collected until the hammer of metal comes crashing down with a powerful speed. Other songs on the album cut straight to the point. These songs start hard and fast, and stay that way to the very end. Black Septembers’ The Forbidden Gates Beyond was a head bangin’, air-guitar playing, good time. I am looking forward to their next album. There is no word on when work on the new album will begin, but I will be waiting.

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