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The gang is back in town

October 11, 2010

Image courtesy of Fox Flash.

Brittney Bennett, Staff Writer

Finally, after a year-long hiatus, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s season five was released on DVD, just two days before the new season six premier on Fox network’s FX. The season five release comes as a three disc set which includes all twelve episodes and some truly outrageous special features.

Season five opens with The Gang Exploit the Mortgage Crisis, whereby the laughs are endless as the Frank tries to teach Mac and Dennis the finer points of buying houses on the cheap and trying to flip them to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, Frank runs into some legal woes and is forced to forgo the rights to his newly bought homes. As the season progresses Mac and Dennis try to get Charlie back into the dating game when they find out that the waitress Charlie has been stalking gets engaged. After the fallout with the online dating scene, the gang plans an impromptu road trip to the Grand Canyon that turns out to be doomed from the get-go.

The brazen satire continues with Sweet Dee’s attempt to get rich by renting her womb to “loaded, infertile yuppies,” but just as her plan comes to fruition, Charlie and Frank come crashing in.

The humor, politically raucous antics and indifference to one another is evident in The Great Recession episode, when Mac and Dennis enter Paddy’s to find Frank swaying gently to and fro from a noose, while Charlie and Sweet Dee look on disapprovingly. After Frank’s botched suicide attempt, he spirals out of control into a haze of narcotics, booze and apathy, leading the rest of the gang to come to his aid by forming their own twisted version of Intervention.

After the craziness of the first eleven episodes and the outrageous, unrated blooper reel and cast commentary, season five closes when Paddy’s Pub is allowed to re-enter Flipadelphia, a flip cup tournament among the bars of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, despite many attempts to re-ignite the rivalry with the local bar that the Paddy’s team poisoned ten years prior,  the gang is forced to rethink who their true rivals are. And in turn, they battle with the local fraternity that “punked” Dennis and Frank.

For those of you who just can’t get enough of the Gang, don’t forget to tune in Thursdays to FX at 10 p.m. for the all new season six episodes, or you can check out www.fx.com for even more It’s Always Sunny clips.

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