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Jerrie Rogers makes hotline hotter

October 10, 2010

Jerrie Rogers has been at Young Harris College for twenty years working in the dining hall. Photo by Jacob Stone

Christelle Vereb, Staff Writer

A native of Blairsville, Jerrie Rogers has worked in the Young Harris College dining hall for twenty years, and works as a server on the Main Event line.

Rogers has lived in Blairsville all of her life. She attended Union County High School and graduated from Union County High School as well.

She has two daughters, who now have their own children.

When Rogers is not here at work, she likes resting and watching her favorite show General Hospital.

“I remember some of the baseball boys use to come to me while I am serving food, and they would say ‘Hurry up, Miss Rogers! We don’t want to miss General Hospital!’ Those boys always made me laugh,” Rogers said.

She enjoys her job here at YHC. Rogers said, “I have so many great memories here.”

One of Roger’s favorite memories includes a young man named Jonny. Every time he came to breakfast he put a smile on her face.

Rogers remembers Jonny would say, “‘Hey, Miss Jerrie, it’s a good day!’ then I would ask Jonny why is it a good day? Jonny would look at me and say ‘Miss Jerrie, everyday God lets you step out of bed is a good day.’”

Another memory which she says is very dear to her heart is the memory of a young woman named Kari Webb. “I called her ‘my little Jesus girl,’” Rogers said.

Rogers said, “She was always smiling, I asked her why she smiled so much, Kari looked at me and said ‘Miss Jerrie, I have Jesus in my heart, and when you have Jesus in your heart he makes you smile.’”

While these memories are very dear to her, Rogers says the campus has gone through some major changes.

“I remember when I first came here there were no flowerbeds, and there were not as many trees on campus. Young Harris College is much prettier now then it was twenty years ago,” Rogers said.

Rogers also says the dining hall has gone through major changes as well.

“When I first came here the dining hall was called ARA, and only had pizza and the main home station. Now, we have just switched to working with Sodexo, and the food has been made even better by the arrival of our head chef Andy Ledbetter,” Rogers said.

Out of all the changes that Rogers has witnessed, one thing that hasn’t changed is her love for YHC students. Rogers said, “I enjoy working here very much. The best part of this job is getting to know the students.”

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