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Mascot tryouts show school spirit

October 7, 2010

By Ember Zimmerman, Staff Writer

Mascot tryouts were held Wednesday night at 8:00 in Young Harris College’s new Recreation Center.

The participants trying out to the YHC’s mascot put on a show for the three judges. The judges, Lori Howard, Matthew Kammerer and Rouseline Emmanuel, were selective about who they allowed to watch the tryouts—only newspaper staff and cheerleaders were allowed to attend, because they are hoping to keep the mascot’s identity a secret until the end of the season.

Results have yet to be announced but will likely be revealed only to the tryout participants.

There were several sections of the tryout. The tryouts consisted of a string of interviews, followed by requests for the tryout’s participants to display their ability to get the crowd fired up. The contestants were limited to riling only an imaginary crowd, but they possessed enough enthusiasm that the judges and attending cheerleaders seemed excited by the end. One of the main requirements of the mascot will be to be seen but not heard, as the mascot’s voice could easily give away his or her identity before the big reveal at the end of the season.

As part of the tryouts, each participant was also asked to invent a signature move for the mascot and suggest a name for the mascot. Tryout participants were only allowed to a picture of the mascot costume; despite this, the tryout participants suggested names such as, Smokey, Charlie, Marley and Leo for the mascot.

“I am very impressed,” said Emmanuel, director of campus activities, when asked about her opinion of the tryouts. All of the contestants were very energetic, and at least two of them had had prior experience as being school mascots at their respective high schools.

All three judges were enthusiastic about the turnout and are looking forward to YHC’s first year with a basketball team. The mascot will be present at all of the men’s and women’s home basketball games, the first of which is scheduled for November 15.

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