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Cabaret performs with all corsets off

October 2, 2010

By Ellen Mayfield, Staff Writer

Ashley Ware from Dacula plays one of the Kit Kat girls in Young Harris College's production of Cabaret. Photo by Jacob Stone

Kicking off the first theatrical performance of the Young Harris College 2010 fall semester is “Cabaret,” a dark comedy following two improbable love stories. Based on a play by John Van Druten, “Cabaret” is a “story set in 1931 Berlin as the Nazis are rising to power, focusing on the fantasy-like world of the Kit Kat Klub where English performer Sally Bowles has a relationship with Clifford Bradshaw.”

Set to be held in Dobbs Theater from September 23 through October 2, tickets are $5 for students and faculty, and $15 for adults. Tickets can be bought online from the Young Harris box office website, or you can call 706-379-4307.

“This show is different from a lot of the musicals we do.  It has fabulous music and can be very funny, but can be pretty dark too,” says Eddie Collins, assistant professor of theater and department chair. “It deals with some very mature subject matter, as you would imagine from a play set in a nightclub in Berlin during the rise of the Nazi party.”

Cheyenne Teeple, a sophomore theater major says “many people will come to ‘Cabaret’ not knowing what it is really about. They will come thinking it is just a collaboration of upbeat dance numbers and suggestive choreography. But it is so much more than that, it is a tribute to a horrific time in history.”

Collins says the play can be described by the last two lines of the play: “There was a Cabaret and there was a city called Berlin in a country called Germany, and it was the end of the world and I was dancing with Sally Bowles– and we were both fast asleep.”

Opening night was Thursday, September 23 at 7:00 p.m. and closing night tonight, October 2 at 10:00 p.m.

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