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Winship v. Manget: The rivalry continues

October 1, 2010

100 Young Harris College students were polled to answer the age-old question: Winship or Manget? Graphic by Kelley Lyness

By Hailey Silvey, Staff Writer

Once upon a time at Young Harris College there were two dorms called Winship and Manget. Legend has it that there is a feud between these two dorms. However, does anybody truly know where this “feud” actually began?

Upon being asked, many of the students gave an answer, but not many of them answered correctly. Legend has it that three Winship students sat outside Winship one night and wrote a disrespectful song about the Manget dorm and the students who lived in it. They also yelled all night at the Manget dorm, and they pulled many pranks on the dorm. Many Winship students maintain that the Manget students began the feud, even though this is not even close to the case.

Many Manget students do not even care about the Manget v. Winship poll or that Winship won.

However, upon being prompted, one Manget student says, “Manget is so legit. They should have won this poll.” Another Manget student says, “if indifferent was not an option on this poll, Manget would have won, hands down!”

According to legend, the Manget students did not fight Winship back, even going as far to say that they are immature for causing such a ruckus over nothing.

Apparently, the rest of the campus cares as little as Manget does. “Indifferent” became a synonym for “I really don’t care.” Some students do not even know what Winship and Manget are. So outside of these two dorms, everybody else couldn’t care less.

Of course the Winship students have a comeback for the Manget students. One Winship student says, “Winship has the most exciting people.” Another Winship student says, “Screw Manget! Winship is twenty thousand times better than Manget. Everyone at Winship just chills and we’re all like brothers. Manget wishes they could be Winship, that’s why they don’t like us.”

Winship students maintain that the Manget students started the original feud and Winship is simply fighting back.

When looking at the feud one is forced to compare it to one of the most famous “family feuds” in history, the Hatfields and the McCoys. The Hatfields and the McCoys carried on a war for generations, though none of them really knew why. They just knew that they were supposed to dislike each other, and therefore they did. This is exactly like the Manget v. Winship feud because the dorms obviously don’t know why they’re fighting; they just feel that they are supposed to hate each other. For now it appears that the feud will continue, but hopefully these two dorms know the origin of their hatred towards each other.

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