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What If you saw this film?

October 1, 2010

By Brittney Bennett, Staff Writer

"What if…" examines the possible impact that every decision could have on our daily lives.

After leaving the Blairsville Cinema on the night I saw the movie “What If…,” my mind was full of philosophical, spiritual and personal questions. For instance, what if you chose to catch a bus headed out of town in order to begin a new chapter in your life, but fifteen years later you are confronted with the choice again—would you make the same choice a second time?

Knowing what you know now, would you still take the bus, or would you stay where you are with the knowledge you have, or would you wish, hope, pray and beg that you are dreaming.

The circumstance would be quite odd, but it is a profound question to ask ourselves about the menial choices we take every day, which can have a huge impact on our futures.

This limited-release, Dallas Jenkins-Christian entertainment film is set in modern day and portrays a man named Ben Walker- played by the 90’s Hercules television star Kevin Sorbo. Walker’s life receives divine intervention in the form of a guardian angel in a mechanic’s suit (John Ratzenberger.) Ratzenberger then offers him a crash course into all that he left behind.

Though the premise of the movie feels like a mesh between Columbia’s 2006 hit dramedy, “Click” and Liberty Film’s 1946 drama, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” “What If…” adds in its own spiritual twist. Walker is forced from his six-figure salary, money-can-buy-happiness life, into what would have been his life—had he decided to stay in his hometown with his true love, living his “true calling,” as a minister. But as the adage goes, God works in mysterious ways.

Walker remembers everything from his past fifteen years of existence, but none of what the “Minister Walker” remembers. It is through this journey of living with the family and life that could have been and rediscovering a long-hidden aspect of himself that Walker’s vision of true happiness is made clear.

Of course, with any film comes the catch—Walker has learned his lesson and seen what he has been missing and neglecting after years of decadence—and so he prays to God to stay in the “new” life” he was presented; but in the movie, God’s message of a life spent on idol fixation will ultimately lead to a life unfulfilled. It is only after his complete submission to his God, that he is offered a true second chance at a life of happiness.

For the average movie-goer, this film may be on the bottom of your “to see” list. However, I must stress those little choices can make all the difference.

Even though “What If…” was not filled with extra-sensory overload, it was filled with a deeper message and meaning which was ultimately more fulfilling than other blockbusters, which is why I give this movie a B+.

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