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Cinematheque offers life applications

October 1, 2010

By Ember Zimmerman, Staff Writer

For those who look beyond the flashy, CGI coated exterior of modern cinema, or spend free evenings re-watching “Citizen Kane,” there is a new monthly event on campus called Cinematheque.

Every second Wednesday of the month at Wilson lecture hall, Cinematheque is showing a movie followed by a discussion of the film.

Organizers for the group include Mike Elrod, Genevieve Rodriguez and Dr. Dawn Lamade. The organizers behind Cinematheque stated that they hope to connect the films to the students’ classes in an effort to aid students in learning to use the skills they have acquired at Young Harris College in the real world by discussing the subtext, cinematography, storytelling techniques and greater implications of the films.

Last Wednesday, Cinemathique played Christopher Nolan’s “Memento.” Prior to the showing of the film, there was an introduction by Stuart Miller, resident director of Enotah and Manget halls, gave a brief summary of the film including spoilers and an abbreviated bio of Christopher Nolan. Nolan is more recently known for his work on “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight” and “Inception.” Nolan wrote and directed the film, which, was based on a short story written by his younger brother, Jonathan Nolan.

For those who are familiar with “Memento,” the films that Cinematheque will be showing are geared towards cerebral and analytical thinking.

Those who attend the movie showings should not expect predictable action flicks or thoughtless comedies.

Attendance was meager on Wednesday, perhaps due to its late-night position on a weekday, and much of the audience left before the post-viewing discussion could begin. The organizers behind Cinematheque hope to draw a larger audience for their next movie.

Despite the unusual meeting time, those who are enthusiastic about the significance of the cinematic arts might be interested in attending the next meeting, which is on October 13. During this meeting, Cinematheque plans to show Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.”

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