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Smoker’s tea gets flamin’!

September 29, 2010

By Christine Durniat, Campus Life Editor

Members of Upsilon Delta Sigma, a local fraternity, enjoy recruiting potential members for Fall 2010. Photo by Skye Butler

Every semester within the first couple of weeks of the year, there is an organizational fair that is held where only the recognized Greek fraternities and sororities on campus are allowed to attend. This organizational fair is called Smoker’s Tea.

This semester’s Smoker’s Tea was held on September 13 in the old gym, and those in attendance included Alpha Iota, Alpha Omega, Alpha Xi, Chi Delta Phi, Gamma Psi, Phi Alpha Phi, Phi Delta, Sigma Beta Sigma, Upsilon Delta Sigma, and Zeta Pi.

Smoker’s Tea is a way for anyone interested in Greek life to meet all the Greeks and see what each Greek has to offer. Each organization has a table and as many of their members as possible in attendance. They have baked goods, candy and other little things to give away to the interested people that come to their table. All the members that attend Smoker’s Tea for the different organizations are on hand to answer questions that potential pledges might have about them.

J.D. Umberson, a freshman business major from Gainesville said, “you learn what everyone is about and what you would get out of them.”
It is a fun way for people not in a sorority or in a fraternity to get to know each Greek; but it is also a lot of fun for the people in sororities and fraternities as well, because it promotes a sense of community.

Not only does it give potential pledges time to interact with the organizations, but it also gives the organizations time to interact with each other,” said Phi Alpha Phi member Jordan Fleming a junior musical theatre major from Marietta.

Even though the gym was really hot this year, Smoker’s Tea was fun for anyone who attended and really showed the community at YHC.

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