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Terry destroys old conceptions of media

September 28, 2010

New communication professor Joseph Terry challenges class ideas about mass media and how media is affecting us. Photo by Jacob Stone

By Ali Neese, Staff Writer

New instructor of communication studies Joseph Terry says that he wants all people to question different forms of media.

Born in the Washington, DC area, Terry received his undergraduate at the University of Illinois, got his master’s at the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing his doctorate through the University of Colorado Boulder.

Terry credits his desire to teach to his time at the University of Illinois. He said that while he was a student there he was able to develop close relationships with his professors as well as graduate students that were in teaching positions. He feels that these relationships pushed him towards pursuing a career teaching.

Although he said that these relationships were not the only reason that he chose this career path.

“I had a lot of classes with professors and people finishing their Ph. D’s and I really liked what I was learning about, so the topic, more than anything, made me want to learn more about media and teach it.”

Terry’s teaching experience includes teaching for two years at the University of Georgia, where he was a teacher’s assistant and helped with the communication law courses. He later went on to the University of Colorado Boulder where he taught for three semesters. While there, he taught two sections of a course on media and public culture. He then taught his own introduction to media studies course and finally had the opportunity to design his own course, which was an upper level course on popular music studies.

Terry heard about the job opening at Young Harris College through the website higheredjobs.com and he said that, “With the job market now, there weren’t a lot of jobs that I was really interested in. [so] the Young Harris one appealed to me immediately because I was looking for a small teaching school and the job description was what I do in terms of media law and policy and media literacy.”

He also said that it was nice to be somewhat familiar with the area and that he “was finally ready to settle in a place” instead of always moving around.

When asked about his take on the Young Harris students he said that he’s “really enjoyed getting to know students in the early college classes” and that compared to students at other schools that he’s been at that students here are much more “grounded” and it is very “refreshing” to work with.

Terry says that he learned to think critically in his classes at the University of Illinois and he hopes to pass that ability on to his current students.

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