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Memories and the Young Harris spirit

September 28, 2010

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Skye Butler

Everyone has a different reason for why they chose Young Harris College, for some it was the beautiful mountains that surround the college, for others it was the small class sizes. But regardless of their reasons for coming, the main reason YHC students stay is because of the Young Harris spirit.

This feeling is intangible and contagious among students and professors. This special quality, which is only found in the Enchanted Valley, is what motivates professors to teach here and inspires students to make the most of their academic and social lives on campus.

The Young Harris spirit is also the most talked about thing among YHC alumni. This spirit connects even the oldest graduate of YHC to a current student.

The YHC spirit is what separates YHC from other small private schools. But as YHC continues to make drastic changes from a two-year to a four-year school it is vital to the college that we as students do not forget to pass this spirit along to the underclassmen. We have to explain to them why Young Harris is so great, and why this place has nestled into all of our hearts. We need to show these students why we call YHC home for possibly four years of our lives.

The YHC spirit unites us and instills a sense of togetherness within the student body. And, if we aren’t careful future classes will not experience it. I am not saying that this spirit is dead, or even in the process of dying. No, the YHC spirit is still alive, but its presence has dimmed since the beginning of this semester.

This year, much like last year has had a tumultuous beginning. And regardless of all of our qualms about certain aspects of campus life, at the end of the day, we are all students here. We are all bound together by the Young Harris spirit.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will get along and sing “Kumbaya.” Instead, it is the awareness that these will be the best years of our lives. Here, we will meet people that we will tell stories about for years to come. During these years that we spend here, we will learn, laugh and grow. And this connection is what the Young Harris spirit is all about.

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