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SGA talks lectures, fountain

September 26, 2010

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, the Student Government Association met at 5:30 p.m. in the Rollins dining hall’s Presidential Room. On the agenda for discussion was an update on Tell-me-Tuesday, the SPAT fountain and Last Lecture.

SGA is starting a program called Tell-Me-Tuesday. A golf cart with an adult and an SGA member will come to pick up students and take them from one destination to another. During the ride the students will be asked a question and tell the SGA member what improvements they would like to see on campus. This should begin on October 5, and as of now some details are still being worked out with campus police, as far as the golf carts and other details.

SGA is also working on something called Last Lecture. It is where a professor or faculty member speaks to the student body about anything they would choose to speak about, if they were giving their final lecture. These people are not leaving now, but if they were, these lectures are what they feel they would want to say to students. It does not have to be on a subject under the department they are with, it can be on any topic they choose. There will possibly be  two of these lectures this semester and three next semester.  Each will last about an hour. Dr. Arnold will most likely speak on Oct. 5. Details are still being worked out.

Along the other topics of discussion was the SPAT fountain. The fountain in front of Appleby Center is  not working and needs repair. Students have passed by the fountain and noticed the water hoses and other things around its base. It has been discovered that it leaks about a foot of water per day. Despite its need for repair, no plans have been made for its renovation.

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