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Kane teaches and rocks out

September 26, 2010

By Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Not only is Dr. Victor Kane a new business professor here at Young Harris College, but he is also a musician from Long Island. Kane is a guitarist, singer and is currently attempting to form a band here on campus as a tribute to James Taylor.

He obtained his B.A. in psychology from the Boston University; he then went on to receive his M.A.degree at Columbia University, in New York. There, he was on a dual track, studying clinical psychology and administration. He then decided to pursue a Ph.D. degree in social policy from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.

Although his Doctorate’s degree is in social policy, he has spent the last 25 years working in the areas of marketing and Business Administration.

He has been a full-time professor for five years. However, Kane has been teaching as an adjunct professor for the past 15 years.

“Being a mentor to students inspires me as a professor,” Kane said. “Being able to get students excited about the topics that they’re learning, particularly those who are interested in moving into the field of marketing and management, gets me really excited about helping students out. I like the idea of being a professional mentor. I just love the class atmosphere and I love teaching. I get a real energy out of that.”

Kane encourages students to get out of the classroom and learn from what is going on in the world.

“It’s important for students to understand that learning is not just restricted to the classroom. There is a world out there, where things are going on. That is what makes the classroom interesting, when you can come in and talk about things that are happening now,” Kane said.

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