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Cadets form a new Justice League

September 26, 2010

By Holly Meyer, Staff Writer

There are a lot of work study programs on the Young Harris College campus to help students combat the cost of higher private education. The police cadets program is becoming a more and more popular option at YHC, giving students the opportunity to experience leadership and responsibility while working alongside real police officers.

Currently the cadets work twice a week on three-hour shifts, usually starting around 8 p.m.  During their shifts, the cadets patrol campus, check buildings, turn off lights and lock up after hours.

Cadets are also present on campus over the weekend, handling security for soccer, baseball and basketball games, as well as directing parking for any events in, or around campus.

Normally, the cadets will be on duty with at least one police officer.

Cadets will typically respond to any kind of disturbance reported such as parking violations, or anyone causing a disturbance in the dorms or on campus.

Before any students can be considered for the cadet program they are required to answer a set of questions which will help the police department determine whether or not the applicant is responsible enough to make logical decisions when faced with a difficult situation.

The program has seen so much interest this semester that the police department on campus isn’t sure if they will be able to take any more cadets this semester.  Wezly Barnard, a cadet for the campus police department, explains that he has even had students approach him while on duty asking about how they can get involved with the police cadets.

Any students interested in joining the Police Cadets are asked to contact Chief of Police Ken Henderson. He can be reached at (706-379-4427) or in his office in the Manget Hall.

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