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SACS reaffirmation expected for next year

September 23, 2010

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief
with information from wire reports

Since Tuesday the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has been on campus at Young Harris College to determine whether or not the college has met the expected requirements for their 10-year reaffirmation.

After an intense week of interviews and observation, the SACS on-site committee has completed its work and found Young Harris College fully in compliance on all the “Core Requirements” of SACS.

While YHC was found to be in compliance with the SACS standards, the Committee did issue four findings related to the slightly lesser “comprehensive standards,” three of which relate to the nuances of assessment and how YHC measures student achievement, the college’s administrative services to students and YHC’s overall educational programs. Some of these were difficult, if not impossible, for YHC to meet at this time because we are only now reaching the point of graduating a first senior class. As YHC continues to move forward as a four-year school, these needs will be addressed. The fourth finding was a bit odd, relating to YHC’s overall campus safety and security. The Committee chair could not exactly enunciate what their issue was – he said they found nothing inherently unsafe or risky, but felt that YHC needed more coordination of safety efforts.

According to an email from the YHC President Cathy Cox, “the Committee loved the QEP (Quality Enhancement Program), Rhetorica.They found it fully in compliance with the SACS requirements and numerous members of the committee commented that it was the best QEP they’d ever read.”

YHC did not get a written report on these findings today. That will come within the next month or so, and then the college will have a better understanding of where the committee felt YHC could make improvements.

With the evaluation complete, YHC expects their 10-year reaffirmation to be formally issued next June.

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