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Multicultural club brings diversity

September 12, 2010

Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Since the spring of 2010, there had been buzz going around campus that the upcoming year would bring many new students, not only from around the United States, but also from different countries.

“Since last year Rouseline Emmanuel, the director of campus activities, and Crystal Crouse, Residence hall director of Appleby Center, gave us the idea of a multicultural club and I decided to jump on board,” said Alejandra Manzanares, a sophomore, political science major and also one of the first members of the multicultural club.

The multicultural club, although brand new to the campus, is a student organization with much promise. “Our motto is Connecting through diversity,” states Manzanares.

“Most clubs form because a group of people have something in common, however, the multicultural club is being formed because it is an opportunity to learn from those people we have nothing in common with.”

This student organization is hoping to make an impact on the campus of Young Harris College by not just connecting cultures, but also ideas.  “Diversity can come from anywhere,” said Manznares. “You don’t have to be from a foreign country to bring diversity. There are many people here on campus,who are also from different parts of the United States and that alone allows a person to incorporate different ideas in the lives of other people.”

“I come from a community that is very diverse and I have seen first-hand the great things people can accomplish when they unite no matter where they come from or how they grew up. We hope that the multicultural club will have the same influence on campus and do great things as well.”

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