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Mary Land comes to Georgia

September 12, 2010

By Hailey Silvey, Staff Writer

Mary Land, a native of Pickens County, is one of the new additions to the music department at Young Harris College. She is the band director for the newly formed YHC concert band. Before coming to YHC, she worked for 29 years as band director at the school she taught at and she worked with student teachers from other colleges.

Ms. Mary Land is the director of the YHC Concert Band. Photo by Jacob Stone

Mrs. Land got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia. She got a master’s degree from the Vandercook School of music in Chicago. She is currently enrolled in the University of Georgia getting a doctorate in music education. Mrs. Land mainly plays the trumpet and she gives lessons on the trumpet as well.

Ms. Land chose YHC because YHC was making the transition from a two year college to a four year college. She is very impressed by the administration at YHC and how they are constantly trying to improve the college to make it a better place for the students and the faculty.

She also wanted a chance to be a part of the first college band at YHC.

Her favorite thing about YHC is the students. “I love to watch them play. They are very energizing to me. When we are playing something and it seems like we unite and produce beautiful music. I love watching the excitement on the student’s faces and watching them grow musically.”

She also admires her colleagues and she says, “It is rewarding to work with the people in this department and to work with them in the developments they are making in music education.”

In addition to her love of music, Ms. Land enjoys doing triathlons and biathlons. She enjoys running, swimming, and biking. Another interesting fact about her is “if you put my first and last name together, it makes the name of the state Maryland.”

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