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IGC clarifies greek life

September 12, 2010

Letter to the Editor, IGC

Dear Enotah Echoes Editor,

The Inter Greek Council would like to clear up any questionable information from the article, “It’s All Greek To Me.” (Enotah Echoes p. 12, 8/30/10) Some looming questions to be answered are, “What organizations that were listed as Greek are actually participating in Greek activities?” and “What organizations are actually recognized on YHC campus?”

At this time, there are ten (10) recognized organizations that participate in Rush week, including Smoker’s Tea. They are as follows:


Phi Delta

Sigma Beta Sigma

Gamma Psi

Alpha Iota

Phi Alpha Phi


Alpha Omega

Alpha Xi

Zeta Pi

Upsilon Delta Sigma

Chi Delta Phi

Furthermore, The Spat Club, Dorcas, and Delta Gamma are all honor societies.  Although they use Greek letter representation, they do not participate in any Greek activities.

On another note, in order to be an active organization on campus you must have an approved recognition form from the Office of Campus Activities. Three of the organizations that were published in Enotah Echoes do not have this form, and are therefore not considered active organizations by Young Harris College. These organizations are: Kappa Tau Omega, Kappa Sigma and Alpha Psi Omega.

It is our hope as a council that none of these organizations be misrepresented by false advertisement and that no Young Harris College student was misinformed about Greek activity on campus.

-Inter Greek Council  

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