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SGA Meeting Notes: September 1, 2010

September 11, 2010

SGA@YHCBy Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

The SGA met for its weekly public meeting on Sept. 1, in the presidential room within the dining hall. They discussed paying a YHC organization to aid in campus-wide recycling, an update on hammock rentals for YHC students,  and the fate of the broken fountain located in front of Appleby Center.

This weekend the recycling bins will be put back on campus. There are bins serving all residence halls as well as Maxwell and Goolsby. Plastics, aluminum cans and corrugated cardboard must be rinsed out with any caps removed before being placed in the bins. Organizations will be paid $100 per week to pick up recycled items and transport them to the Towns County transfer station on Highway 288 in Hiawassee. Organizations must provide their own transportation and will not be able to sign up for future pick-ups if they fail to make their commitment. They can start applying to help pick up the recycling now by contacting SGA at sga@yhc.edu.

Hammocks will still be coming to YHC, but they will not be available until around late September or early October. Guidelines for hammock use will be officially determined by then as well. As it stands now, the hammocks will need to be returned by the end of the day they are rented or they may be a late fee if not returned by then, or if they are returned damaged. The cost of the late fee has not officially been determined as of yet.

One of the most recent SGA members, Austin Freeman, brought forth a pros-and-cons list for either renovating or replacing the fountain in front of Appleby Center. The fountain is over 40 years old and has a lot of sentimental history for many people. However there is a crack in the bottom of the fountain that is almost beyond repair. Freeman argues that a new fountain would be a lot cheaper than replacing the old one, although no actual decisions have been made in regards to the fountain and more information is being gathered at this time.

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